The garden was her home durng the early years of life.
There she played, unaware of the passions that burned
in the realm beyond the garden's canopy,
and in her creator's heart.
Then the man took her from the garden
and into the world of passions,
from which she had been wrought
and from which she would never return.
The Porcelain Doll is set in a distant future, in a time when the civilized world has collapsed. Empty cities line the frozen landscape, filled with the dead technology left over from centuries of mankind's deific ambitions. There are none left who know how to revive it. In the crumbling remains of an ancient museum, a tribe of nomads encounter a strange artifact and her young guardian. From the boy, the tribe learns a special history. From the tribe, the boy learns to meet the challenges of life in a dying world. From them all, The Porcelain Doll leans what it means to be.
Artwork by Derek Quint