NOTE: UPDATE 6/8/08 - Due to some confusion, all multi-part chapters are now a single file. There is no longer a need to restart each segment, but lengthy files will take a moment to buffer and fast forward.
Notes & acknowledgements:

At the time of this recording in early 2002, I was unaware of many facets of the writing and production of the film which this work is based on. I have since engaged in e-mail exchanges with Mr. Ian Watson wherein I learned that it is he who is primarily responsible for the story as we know it. I mention this here because his name is omitted in the audio acknowledgements.  For the back story read his memior "Plumbing Stanley Kubrick".

The majority of music used in this audio rendition is obviously from the soundtrack by John Williams and was extracted from the special edition 2 disk CD. Of course I had to stretch, shrink, cut, warp, distort and otherwise mangle much of it. Other music was used too:

Joe's background music in Haddonfield is "Space Camel" a cut from "Rocket Science", a CD by the awesome fusion masters Tribal Tech   The background music from David's frenzied escape attempt in 'Book 2 Chapter 7' is "Astro Chimp" from the same album.

Joe's 'body stream' consists of  "I Only Have Eyes For You" from the film "Dames", as it was in the film. But I took liberties with other scenes. For example, in the film, when Joe encounters the deceased Ms Bevins, he is 'streaming' "Guys and Dolls". I opted to use "One More Kiss" by Vangelis and Peter Skellern from the film Blade Runner. The association here is pretty obvious. 

When David enlists Joe for his quest in the forest, I put "In  The Moonlight" performed by Ray Noble Orch, in place of "Cheek to Cheek" which is referenced later in Rouge City, as it was in the film. "Gypsy Love Song" by Bing Crosby is also used in the Rouge City background as well as small clips from "If I Only Had A Heart" from the Wizard of OZ. I also used a modified midi excerpt from Stravinsky's "Petrushka", for which some strained analogous relationship to the film could be argued. (maybe... by someone better at such debates than I)

The Flesh Fair band music was written and performed by me because I thought it would be cool to reprise John Williams' "Moon Balloon" theme in a metal motif. It was such an obvious idea that I am surprised that Ministry did think of it. I also did a humble but effective atmospheric loop for Johnson-Johnson and the Rouge City "techno" background.

Background music for the "Sentinel" segments from the Chapter "Specialists" is a combination of "Lullabye" by Khachaturian and "Lux Aeterna" by Ligeti from the soundtrack from "2001: A Space Odyssey"

I faked most effects by modifying words and sound clips from films, including Wizard of Oz and Lost In Space, D.A.R.Y.L., and a few others I cannot remember.  And there were a lot of sounds I just I made with my mouth. But I did get crowds, animals and a few other things from "Partners In Rhyme which have a lot of cool royalty free sounds for people doing audio projects.

Finally, I have to mention this guy because even though it is one little line, it is a great one: "Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles" is a line I used to describe the Blue Fairy's gaze, and I got that from a song by that name by Don Van Vliet, a.k.a. Captain Beefheart from his album "Clear Spot".

Thanks for listening and thanks for reading.

Bryan Harrison